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Part Number: EVO-3002S2-EXT

The EVO MFG 2.5” JL Overland Boost Suspension Systems will lift your
2018+ Jeep Wrangler JL 2.5”. The JL Overland Boost kits are specifically
designed to lift your JL and maintain factory spring rate, compliance
and ride quality while having the option of retaining factory shocks,
maintaining full wheel travel with use of shock extensions (part number
EXT kits) or without shock extensions to allow for use of your choice of
aftermarket 2/2.5” lift shocks.  In using rigid steel coil spacers we
maintain the factory ride quality without effecting or lowering spring
rate like the alternative compressible plastic or poly urethane spacers.
The difference with EVO MFG Overland Boost systems vs EVO MFG Boost
systems is the use of front control arm drop brackets.  When lifting you
vehicle your control arms at ride height have a steeper angle towards
the floor which can have some negative effect/chop in ride quality. 
With the use of the included Overland Control Arm drop brackets while
lifted we maintain factory flat control arm angle alleviating much of
the chop associated with lifting a Jeep giving even better and more
improved ride quality.  Also in the use of Overland Drop Brackets we are
able to engineer more performance into the front suspension to improve
braking and driveline angles through suspension cycle.  EVO MFG JL
Overland Boost kits are available in multiple configurations, see below.
  These Overland Boost kits will fit up to a 37” tires on Rubicon Model
JLs or 35” tires on Sahara and Sport/S

The EVO MFG 2.5" JL Boost and Overland Boost are very easy to install using normal tools. No drilling or cutting (optional rear shock extensions require one minor drill). They require no driveshaft or exhaust modifications. Simple Bolt on installation.

Stage 1 kits includes all the necessary parts to lift your JL 2.5”s.

Stage 2 kits includes Stage 1 components as well as EVO MFG Enforcer JL
Front Lower Adjustable Control Arms to allow for caster adjustments.

Stage 3 Kits includes stage 2 components as well as EVO MFG Enforcer
rear upper adjustable control arms for rear pinion angle adjustment

Stage 4 kits includes stage 1 components with all 8 EVO MFG Enforcer
control arms for full front and rear axle adjustments.

    *ALL part number “EXT” kits include front and rear shock extensions. 
Maintaining factory spring rate and shocks

Factory wheels are compatible on all EVO MFG JL Boost kits and can be used with the above advertised 35/37 tires.


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