Fusion 4x4 2.5 Ton Drag Link Flip Kit

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On JKs with 3.5" of lift or more, the steering geometry can result in undesirable steering characteristics. The fix is to flip the drag link to the top of the steering knuckle. When flipping the drag link it is important to raise the track bar bracket. We have put together a complete kit to get your flip complete. Included is the Fusion 2.5 Ton drag link, bolt on raised track bar bracket, and tapered knuckle insert. Installation requires drilling the knuckle to 5/8". The insert works both directions, so if you ever need to go back to stock geometry, the insert just goes in from the underside and the drag link cartridge can be unscrewed and flipped. We offer two bracket options: Artec weld-on or Synergy bolt on.

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