Fusion 4x4 Jeep JK 2.5 Ton Rock Series Drag Link & Tie Rod Combo

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Part Number: FUS-2.5JK-DTC

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BrandFusion 4x4
Part NumberFUS-2.5JK-DTC

The toughest combo available. The Fusion Rock Series Tie Rod and Drag Link were designed to be the strongest Jeep JK steering parts on the market. We use super-sized components to put an end to bent tie rods. Massive 1-1/4" shank rod ends are paired with 1.75" diameter solid 7075 T6511 aluminum. 7075 is popular in off-road racing due to its "memory." If you hit the tie rod hard enough to make it flex, the bar will return to straight. The aluminum is machined on a CNC lathe for exacting tolerances, and now includes wrench flats for even easier install and adjustment!

- Fits all JKs, including stock wheels, no drilling or reaming (unless flipping the tie rod or drag link)
- Cartridge ends are replaceable
- Cartridge ends can be flipped for those running a flipped tie rod or drag link
- Requires a 1.75" steering stabilizer clamp

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