PSC 12-18 Jeep JK BIG BORE XD Cylinder Assist Kit (1 Ton Axles)

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For Jeep JK enthusiasts who love to tackle the toughest trails, PSC's all new Big Bore XD2 Cylinder Assist Steering Kits are an essential upgrade to efficiently handle increased torque loads for vehicles equipped with any combination of the following:

38" and larger tire sizes
Upgraded aftermarket axles including Dynatrac, Teraflex, and Currie.
Differential lockers

These Cylinder Assist Steering Kits will deliver improved handling characteristics without oversteer and a familiar level of road feel without increased driver effort, making it perfect for daily driven, on-the-road use.

Application: 2012-18 Jeep JK 2 Door/4 Door 3.6L Pentastar with Dana 60 type axle

All steering assist cylinder mounting brackets easily bolt onto stock axle housings and tie rods with the use of a few hand tools. Positive caster increases "align torque", aka the force that straightens the steering wheel when you go forward, which improves straight line stability of the car. Due to the geometry of positive caster this will also increase negative camber gain when turning, which will enable a wider tire contact patch. The caster angle is a major contributor to directional control. An insufficient amount of positive caster angle will decrease driver effort at the steering wheel, but may make the vehicle too sensitive and "twitchy", especially as speed increases. To achieve the best on-the-road driving experience, recommended front axle caster setting is 4-7 degrees POSITIVE.

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