PSC 2012-2018 Jeep JK 3.6 XD Steering Pump Kit

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Part Number: PSMPSC-PK1858
The PK1858 CBR style high volume pump kit is a direct replacement for 2012-2015 3.6 Pentastar Motors. Greatly improves steering performance and is a must for cylinder assist systems. Pumps are 50 percent more volume than factory. Use Swepco 715 Power Steering Fluid in all PSC Systems. Note: It is recommended to mount the reservoir so the fluid level remains above the level of the pump and that the hose the supplies fluid back to the pump from the reservoir not exceed 16”. If the pump supply hose exceeds the 16” you could possibly create a vacuum situation that will create aeration in the pump. This will results in a noisy, whining pump that will eventually fail. NOTE! The factory air cleaner box must be removed and replaced with a conical aftermarket cleaner in order to mount the remote reservoir. The factory remote reservoir is removed.

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