Synergy Jeep JK Weld-On Front Axle Track Bar Bracket

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Your Price: $150.00
Part Number: SYN8012-13
  • Compatible with all lift heights, bracket can be trimmed for track bar bracket heights from stock, 1", 2" +3" over stock height
  • Includes additional tabs to mount either a Fox/Synergy steering stabilizer or PSC Hydraulic Assist Kit
  • Weld on design for strength and reliability
  • This bracket raises the vehicles suspension roll center by 3.0" when track bar is set in highest position
  • Bracket moves track bar closer to the axle centerline to clear aftermarket highsteer knuckles/tie rod at full steering lock
  • Raising the roll center reduces vehicle body roll and dramatically improves overall handling
  • Weld on tabs for steering assist rams included
  • Weld on sway bar relocation tab included
  • Laser cut from 3/16" steel

Note: Requires the use of a minimum 3" bump stop spacer

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