When most people think of Moab, Utah, they probably think of one thing: Jeeps climbing treacherous trails at the edge of red-rock cliffs. When it comes to that classic Moab experience, it’s hard to do better than the Moab Rim trail. It starts off tough and keeps you on your toes as you climb up the rocks to get to the scenic views.

If you’re going to be tackling a trail in Moab that’s rated a 7, you’re going to needs some well-built Jeeps, and that exactly what we brought today. Leading the group today is Austin Stobaugh of Carbon Off Road in his 2009 Jeep JK on 40-inch Nitto Trail Grapplers. His wife Courtney Schipper also made the trek in her 2002 stretched TJ on 40-inch Trail Grapplers, along with Jeremy Ricks of Disciple Off Road in his 2014 Jeep JK on 38-inch Trial Grapplers. They will definitely need some serious grip to get up Moab Rim, so running the Nitto Trail Grappler was a great choice. From Devil’s Crack to Z Turn and Tire Test Hill, there is no shortage of challenging obstacles, both optional and mandatory. While some of our other episodes have featured great trails for beginners, this one should always be done by a group of wheelers with experience and rigs with at least 35-inch tires. It is really easy to underestimate just how unsettling attacking obstacles at a steep angle can be.

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