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We install a variety of suspension kits from your basic bolt on setup, to custom fabricated long arm kits and coilovers.


We install full gear sets with master overhaul kits for proper installation with the option of adding your choice of any locker or limited slip differential.


Upgrading your steering is always important when turning much lager and heavier tires. We install a variety of products such as 2.5ton steering kits and PSC hydraulic assist steering kits.


Taking your vehicle off road requires some additional protection. We can help upgrade your bumpers, side armor, fenders or rock sliders with some of the industry leading products.


We provide a full service for your vehicle checking and changing fluids and giving your vehicle a full look over to address any unknown issues to prevent any further damage or breaks.


Expensive shocks that are designed to provide top performance will fade over time after heavy use and heat cycles. We provide full shock rebuilding utilizing the manufactures parts and specs replacing seals, oil and nitrogen making your investment like new.

EVO Mfg. JK Long arm.

EVO Mfg. JK high clearance control arms relocation brackets.

Removing all OEM brackets for weld-on long arm kit.

Servicing 2.0 KING coilovers.

EVO Mfg. rear JK long arm bracket.

EVO Mfg. rear JK long arm bracket.

Gear install on open differential.

New gear set with added lunchbox locker in the stock carrier.

PSC hydro assist kit.

Fred installing  a bolt-on Coilover Kit.





Bryant Platt

Date 2/22/2022

Hey Jeremy, I need to get the Auburn Ected e-locker in my D30 front axle rebuilt. Auburn gear told me that the rebuild kit for my axle is p/n 541068. Is this something you can do? If so, how much would it cost? Thanks for any information you can provide. Best, -Bryant Platt

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