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Re-Gearing Your vehicle

After upgrading your vehicle to larger tires, most will notice a "loss of power" or lag when accelerating compared to stock. This is due to the larger diameter of the tires, rolling resistance and weight of the new tires putting additional stress on your drivetrain. The factory gear ratio was not meant to accommodate this change and you may find it difficult to engage your final gear ratios and most likely a loss of fuel economy. Re-gearing your vehicle can bring your vehicle back to factory settings which can save you money on gas and additionally, help improve your off road performance. 

What gear ratio should i choose?

Selecting a gear ratio depends on several factors such as but not limited too tire size, motor, transmission and how you plan on using your vehicle. In short, there isn't an exact answer but one we can talk through with you to help make the best decision based on your specific needs. Let's be honest, gears are not cheap so lets do it once! See this Gear Ratio Chart for more information. 

What does a Re-Gear invlove?

All gear packages include a new front and rear ring and pinion for your selected ratio along with full master install kits. This means both of your front and rear differentials will get all new carrier and pinion bearings and seals. This is always ideal for vehicles with high mileage but its not an absolute must BUT recommended. During this process, both axles are completely torn down to an empty housing where they are cleaned and prepped for the new parts. 

Should I do any other upgrades?

When having an open differential vehicle (ie. Jeep Sport, Sahara), adding an aftermarket differential to your axles during a gear install is always ideal and the most cost effective compared to doing so later on. You have several options to choose from such as Limited Slip, Automatic Lockers or Selectable Lockers. Please give us a call and we can discuss all of the options with you to best fit your needs. 

If you are planning on upgrading your axle shafts to a set of chromoly shafts or RCV's, this is also a great time to do so! When upgrading to an ARB Air Locker in the rear Dana44, you also have the option of upgrading to 35 Spline ARB with Chromoly axle shafts.

How much Does it cost?

The following prices are based on LABOR ONLY. The price of the gear kits will vary based on brand and vehicle application. Brands such as Carbon include rear break-in oil, Amsoil for your first oil change and Lube Locker gaskets. Gears are available HERE for purchase. 

Gear installs include a 500 mile break-in inspection and oil change.

Standard Re-Gear


JL/JT Models


Selectable Lockers

Call for Pricing

This is based housing modifications, running wiring/air lines and if we are installing air compressors, switch panels etc.

Limited Slip Differentials


Adding a limited slip is no additional cost for us to install!


2007 Jeep JK & Jeep JL and newer model vehicles will require a programmer to recalibrate the computer for the new gear ratio. You can see the programmer options HERE!

ARB Locker

questions? give us a call!



Domenick Satterberg

Date 5/21/2024

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