Wheel Backspacing and Offset

When upgrading your vehicles lift height or adding bigger tires, more times than not, you will need to change the backspacing/offset of your wheels to help clear suspension components or the body and frame. Backspacing and offset determine how far in the wheel orientates in the wheel well inward or outward. 

For most off road applications, you will be using a wheel with less backspacing or negative offset. This will push the wheel away or further out from the vehicle.

Please refer to your  specific suspension manufactures' instillation guides where their recommended minimum backspacing should be stated. The needed backspacing/offset can vary per lift kit height or specific applications.

Here are some visual references and guides to help you.

If you aren't wanting to purchase new wheels to change your backspacing, there are other options. Wheel spacers are a cheaper alternative and work well for using your stock wheels or any other wheel you wish to use. They come in several different sized to best fit your needs.

Wheel spacers are perfectly safe to use when installed properly. Please refer to the manufactures installation guides for proper install. But of course, we always recommend using a wheel with the correct and desired backspacing.

Here are some spacers you an use;

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