Why Choose Carbon Axle Kits and Complete Housings?
Many have never heard of Carbon Off Road and that's because they are a relatively new company...well kind of. Here is their long history in the off road industry as a family owned business using decades of experience.

  • 1985 - After college,  Ron Stobaugh co-founded West Coast Differentials in Northern California, not far from the Rubicon Trail.
  • 1987 - Ron and his future wife Tracy start Gear Performance, again in Northern California.
  • 1990-96 - Racing off road almost full-time, winning races and Championships, Ron specializes in Baja races, learning the value of tough products in the middle of nowhere. Ron and Tracy have a son, Austin, who is kind of born into the whole off-road racing and business.
  • 1997 - Ron Stobaugh co-founds Superior Axle and Gear and DriveTrain Direct. Austin works in the warehouse during summers packaging axle kits.
  • 2004 - Ron starts ALLOY USA, and eventually he and his team buy Precision Gear. Austin works more and more learning about axle and gear manufacturing, assembly, marketing and customer service.
  • 2007 - Ron and Austin start Desert Race School (www.desertraceschool.com), where they have taught dozens of new racers and teams how to race competitively and safely.
  • 2009 - Ron starts TEN Factory and manages the Motive Gear off-road program, developing sponsorships with Rob MacCachren, Robby Gordon, Casey Currie, Cameron and Heidi Steele, Jeremy McGrath, Bryce Menzies, Shannon Campbell, Brad and Roger Lovell and more!
  • 2010 - Austin opens Baja Tested (www.bajatested.com) for business.
  • 2011 - Austin opens Rubicon Tested (www.rubicontested.com) for business.
  • 2014 - Austin and Ron open Baja Sunlight (www.bajasunlight.com) for business, specializing in High Quality LED Lighting, sold DIRECT.
  • Ron works with Hammerking Productions and King Of the Hammers, working on sponsorships and business relationships.
  • 2015 - We're now ready to start CARBON Off Road. We specialize in Jeep productsChromoly Axle Kits, problem solving products, Carbon Fiber products, and products YOU suggest. Let us know if you see a problem that needs to be solved - if we haven't already looked into it, we will. And we will sell Direct and through Authorized Distributors, saving you money! 
  • 2016 - One of our customers from Desert Race School partners with our family, creating Off Road Brands, Inc. We remain a family business, no out of touch executives to explain off road to or big investment companies involved. We may stumble, run out of product occasionally as we grow, but our prices will be fair, our products will be the highest quality, and we will treat you like our family.

Carbon Off Road offers high quality chromoly axle kits for your Jeep JK, TJ, LJ, YJ and XJ with new products coming quickly for the all new Jeep JL and Gladiator. They provide you with a crazy 15 YEAR Warranty on all chromoly axle shaft kits regardless of what tire size you are running!

When running a semi-float rear axle, regardless of the size of axle, the rear axle flange will always be a weak point and tend to bend while pushing your vehicle harder and harder on obstacles. Carbon Off Road's 15 Year Warranty is insurance for you that you just cant beat. But of course, they offer this because they absolutely believe in their product.

All Carbon Axle Kits come fully assembled, ready for you to bolt right up to your vehicle. No need to pay for your axle shafts only to have them taken to another shop to have the bearings pressed for additional costs. These area already done for you out of the box!

Carbon Off Road rear axle kits are OVER 50% stronger than stock fabricated from 4140 Chromoly Steel that is heat treated and designed for strength and durability.

Carbon Off Road front axle kits are fabricated from high strength SAE 4340 Chromoly Steel which is much stronger than the factory material. The Shafts are dual heat treated resulting in the best balance of strength and ductility. The front axle kits also come fully assembled ready for you to bolt right up to your vehicle. These front axle kits come with much needed full circle clips on the U-Joint's over stock and use a large 1350 series Spicer 5-7166X U-Joint. And yes, these also come with a 15 Year Warranty!

In addition to offering amazing axle shafts with an amazing warranty, Carbon Off Road also offers complete bolt-in housings such as a 44 to replace your oem axle, full float 60's or a complete 44/60 Housing bundle package! All Carbon Complete housings are built utilizing Currie Enterprise axle housings while utilizing Carbon Off Road axle shafts. Carbon Off Road provides a 10 YEAR Warranty on all complete housings which include the housing, gears, cover and locker! Yes, the axle shafts sill come with the 15 Year Warranty.

Have Questions? Please don't hesitate to give us a call at 559-824-6698 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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