The weather may have looked good when we started out for a day on Wipe Out Hill in Moab, Utah, but after sun turned to rain turned to hail, we were in for a classic Moab off-road adventures and test of skill. We needed to reassess every line and our off-roader abilities were put to the test. That said, even when we were off-roading in hail, we could see exactly why Wipeout Hill, Moab is one of the most fun places for wheeling in the red rocks. Follow along to learn more about this trail, skills needed to tackle it or to compare our journey to your own.

Austin Stobaugh of Carbon Off Road returned to host this episode, and he brought his trusty 2009 four-door Jeep JK on 40-inch Nitto Trail Grapplers. Joining him on the journey are two equally seasoned wheelers in equally built Jeeps. Austin’s wife Courtney Schipper brought her 2002 stretched TJ on 40-inch Trail Grapplers, and Jeremy Ricks of Disciple Off Road brought his 2014 Jeep JK on 38-inch Trail Grapplers.

While these Jeeps are more than capable enough to take on Wipe Out Hill on a normal day, the rain and hail change the equation. The slick rocks of Moab can not only be difficult to traverse when wet but also allow for the water to quickly run down them, turning dry trails into rivers before you know it. Remember that if you’re ever in a situation where the weather turns bad on the trail, it’s always best to know your limits and have an exit strategy.

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